This Changes Everything -  Sally Ember

This Changes Everything. Sally Ember. Ebook.

Dr Clara Branon is visited by alien holograms one night. Although this is not shocking to her in itself because she has been visited by extraterrestrials since childhood, this is the first time the beings try to communicate with her. They call her by her full name and inform her that she is to be their chief communication officer between earth and the MWC, Many Worlds Collective. 

Clara has to appoint a media contact to help her disseminate the information for the next few decades. At the same time, she has to explain to her son and other family members what she has undertaken to do, as well as her possible Future Husband. 

Ember has structured the book into chapters and chapter interludes and it becomes unclear whether this is a work of fiction or nonfiction at times due to the structure and academic style used in the interludes.

There is only a loose plot and no villain as yet, which can make a reader lose interest, but Ember has appendices where she lays out the ideas for a series of ten of these books under the banner of The Spanner Series.

The book mixes world history and sociology together with extraterrestrial occurrences. It uses comic relief and shows Clara to be a really eccentric person through the story.
You may like this book if you enjoy humorous  scifi such as The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.